Celedra Gildea

After 15 years in the corporate world, I made the life changing decision to go back to school in order to obtain my licensure as a Marriage and Family Counselor. A few years later, I obtained a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology. During this time, fifteen years of hospice work taught me the lesson of my life – that there is no time like the present to live life to the fullest.

Buddhist philosophy gave me a path to peace and three decades of meditation practice continue to deepen this presence. My love for Tibetan Buddhism took me to Tibet where I started a cottage industry for the Nanghen Nuns and a website, TouchstonesOfTheSacred.com, a resource for spiritual teachings and guidance.

In addition to psychotherapy, I offer an 8 week course on Mindfulness and Self Compassion Training. This group is based on the MSC Training created by Christopher Germer, PhD and Kristen Neff PhD at CenterforMindfulSelfCompassion.org, as well as the research of Paul Gilbert, PhD.

My qualifications include:

  • Doctoral Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from the International University for Professional Studies
  • California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Member of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
  • Member of Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies
  • 15 years of hospice work and the profound learning of the preciousness of every moment
  • Seven years as co-founder and facilitator of the Life Empowerment Action Program, a monthly three day transformative retreat experience.
  • Previous faculty at The Wellness Institute as a teacher and trainer in hypnotherapy, breathwork and group process
  • More than 30 years of meditation practice along with 20 years of teaching and group process.

I am a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) Program funded in part by the Dalai Lama. The vision of this esteemed program is to “create a multi-disciplinary environment whereby compassion and altruism studies are supported and legitimized within the broader scientific community and to use research advances to create tools that allow humans to become more compassionate and to engage more readily in altruistic behaviors toward themselves and others”.  I am deeply honored to be part of this program and look forward to imparting this valuable information to my participants.

I look forward to working with you. Give me a call at 971-258-7252.