What Is Empathy And What It Isn’t? Brene Brown Does It Again

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Empathy is a word that is thrown around a lot these days, however, in this ‘fix it fast’ society it can easily feel as though we just aren’t doing anything worthwhile if we simply allow ourselves to be present with another person’s pain.

And what does it mean to ‘be present’?  It is not doing a solitary brain storming session on how to fix the problem.  It is not being so filled and focused on our own sadness, guilt, discomfort or impatience that there isn’t a square inch of room to feel what another person is feeling.

It is the quieting of the mind as we feel the sensations of our breath moving in and out of our bodies and gently breathing into our own heart.  It is allowing the mind to quiet, even just a bit, in order to feel what this person in front of you may be feeling.  It is looking in to their eyes and feeling into their hearts – the simple and profound experience of connection.

Here is a Brene Brown video that helps explain.